Many of our clients were just like you; looking for something different but hoping to find someone who was able to provide them with everything they dreamt a destination wedding would be and more. I think after hearing what they have to say about their experiences with Designed by Nelle, it will help you to understand our level of dedication and expertise in handling such a special day in your life. 

Contact us and let's start planning your dream Caribbean wedding.

Tamika & Glenn

My experience with Designed by Nelle has been the most amazing one leading up to my big day. The support from her has been tremendous. Having her has taken a load off my shoulders and put my mind at ease.

The relationship I have built with Noelissa is one which will never be forgotten.

On the days when I do feel overwhelmed, just a phone call from her makes everything better. There is no doubt her work is amazing and I am yet to find another to compete. She summed it up for me from what I have seen and the service I have recieved thus far.

She is the very, very, very best and the most affordable.

David & Sophie

We got married in Saint Lucia in November 2017. The team was very professional and had everything under control. Noelissa really went above and beyond to ensure every one of our requirements were met and exceeded. She worked tirelessly to get our wedding dreams off paper and into reality for us. A huge Thank You to her.

Claude & Stephanie

We decided to get married in Saint Lucia in 2016 but must admit we were worried about getting our vision fulfilled because it was in a foreign country. As soon as we spoke with Noelissa we knew she understood us and was the wedding planner for us.

She listened to our needs and gave us a wedding we will never forget. She is just AMAZING!!!

Misha & Joic

My husband and I have nothing but great things to say about the services Noelissa provided for us on our wedding day. Our day was just that more special seeing everything we thought actually come true. Noelissa is outspoken and gets things done! There is no worrying when she has your project in hand. She calms you, she's there when you need clarification and she will tolerate and understand the bridzilla in you lol. She is the best services provider I had! Our decor was beautiful and well set up in time for our wedding ceremony and dinner. OVERLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as both a designer and co-ordinator.

kyle & charlene


From the first contact my mind, heart and body was at tease. Honesty with my budget was drawn first. The next steps from there ran extremely smoothly. Her joyous personality made us feel at ease and relaxed. The day came so quickly, so perfect, so breathtaking and beautiful.

We loved every aspect of the set up. Both my husband and I were involved in the decision making for everything for our day. She was so impressed that a man was so involved. We highly recommend Designed by Nelle. She is indeed The Best!!!!



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