the venue can make all the difference.......

Having had a chance to work in this field for as long as I have, its easy to come up with a few preferred places for hosting an event. These are a few of my favorites which I hope will help make your choices a little bit easier. I have personally handled an event at each of these locations at one point or another. They are not just beautiful, but are also a few of the premiere locations with specific experience in hosting functions, especially weddings for foreign clientele. Contact Us for more details and pricing of your selected choice.

We know it can be very unnerving choosing a venue when you might not be able to see it for yourself. We hope to make this abit easier for our clients by doing your inspections for you personally and ensuring all your expectations are met. We will personally meet with the locations' representative and ensure it meets the standard necessary for your event. 


If the location you like isn't listed here, Send Us An Email with your specifications and we will get in touch with them and get you all the information you need.

Private Sunset Beach

This private beach is a great option to enjoy the sand and the beautiful sunset as you take your vows. It sets the tone for a truly unique wedding experience.

garden gazebo

Nestled in a garden of greenery, this venue allows for a quaint wedding with your loved ones while allowing you to enjoy all the beauty of the nature surrounding you.


historical ruins

This intimate location works best for a couple looking for a scenic view with very little needed to add to its already beautiful atmosphere. Perfect for the eloping couple.


the pink plantation house

This beautiful 140 year old, French colonial wooden house sits on 2 acres of lush greenery. It carries with it a sense of old world style and amazing views of the city below.


sandals grande saint lucian ballroom

The Grande Ballroom at this resort provides a great option for anyone looking to have a gathering of any size for any event. It is easily dressed up or beautiful with very minimal additions needed.


saint lucia golf club

Located on an actual golf course, this is a great choice for a garden wedding with an indoor dinner to follow.  Surrounded by nature, this is a unique choice for anyone looking for the best of both worlds.


oceanview garden

Overlooking the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean lies this amazing venue covered in a lush lawn and breath taking views.


historical soldiers barracks

With Old British charm, wooden floors and stone walls design, you can create the perfect event while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of this venue.


fort rodney

This historic site offers breath taking views of the ocean along with a sunset to rival all others. Overlooking the entire Rodney Bay area, it is definitely a unique choice.


la haut piton view

Overlooking the majestic Pitons in the south of the island lies this beautiful garden area offering serene views and a great place to say I do.


This stunning luxury villa overlooking the Caribbean Sea offers an amazing getaway for the group looking to have an amazing event day or night.


the harbor club

Experience the unique beauty and maritime charm of this resort. Having your event here will offer you all the options you need for a great time.


fond doux plantation & resort

This old style resort located in the south of the island provides all the beauty and scenery needed to have a truly Saint Lucian wedding.


bel jou hotel

upper rooftop lounge

Located high in the hills of Saint Lucia's capital, this hotel provides one of the most beautiful views of the city with the crisp blue waters of the ocean in the distance.


bougainvillea bluff

Sitting above the Caribbean Sea, nestled along the coastline is this stunning  location which unites all the beauty of the ocean with a lush garden venue.



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